The CEO from UK IoT Connectivity Company Visit Xiamen Honlly for Industrial Router/Mini PC/5G Router Business

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Author : Emma Wang
Update time : 2023-06-28 18:08:06

June 27, 2023, the CEO from UK IoT connectivity company come to visit Xiamen Honlly, and negotiate business matters. The theme of this business meeting is industrial router/4G 5G mini PC/4G 5G Router, MIFI projects in the following time. Xiamen Honlly CEO Gerard, Sales Manager Lynne and Sales Lucy together with CEO from UK IoT connectivity company participated in the meeting.

For industrial router, our business partner put forward a project that by connecting UPS to industrial router and camera will largely guarantee the frequency of network for live broadcast.

In addition, bank ATM self-service terminal also require wireless application scheme. The service data generated by the terminal ATM will be directly transmitted to the central banking system of the central server through the communication channel established between the router and the central server. Our industrial router such as HL-510, HL-520 and HL-668 can perfectly meet the requirement for it ensures stable and fast frequency.

What’s more, a new project is brought about concerning mini PC. It requires devices that can withstand high temperature under a confined space. Our HL-112 with Intel Celeron® J6412 is appreciated by our customer for its competitive price and good performance.

5G indoor router is also recommended as mentioned in the meeting. With WiFi6 technology, our 5G wireless router adopts high end Chipset and is of 3000Mbps frequency.

In the end, the two parties have reached an initial agreement on the new project.

Xiamen Honlly sincerely welcome our customer to visit and embrace a promising future together.


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